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1. new
Kaldalóns, Sigvaldi S.; Aschauer, Michael (Arr.)
A sprengisandi / Lead My Horse (SATB)
Order no.: HCCS8363
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2. Maierhofer, Lorenz
Aaronitischer Segen / Aaronic Blessing (SATB)
Order no.: HCCS7658
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3. Maierhofer, Lorenz
All Peoples of this World (SATB)
Order no.: HCCS8042
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4. Gassner, Andreas
All through the Night (SATB)
10 Blessings and Cradle-Songs

Order no.: C8232
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5. Maierhofer, Lorenz
Alleluia, gaudete / Alleluja, welche Freude (SATB)
Order no.: HCCS7982
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6. Gassner, Andreas
Ave Maria (SSATBB)
Order no.: C8233
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7. new
Prinsloo, Franco
Beati qui lugent (SATB divisi)
Order no.: C8475
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8. Maierhofer, Lorenz; Gies, Oliver (Arr.)
Before My Hallelujah Dies (SATB)
Order no.: HCCS8358
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9. Arbeau, Thoinot
Belle, qui tiens ma vie / Mein Lieb, dein schönes Lächeln (SATB)
Order no.: HCCS8413
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10. Maierhofer, Lorenz
Bolero of Human Rights (SATB)
Order no.: HCCS8126
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Handl (Gallus), Jacobus:
Jerusalem gaude (SSATTB)
Order no.: C5933


Guglhör, Gerd:
Stimmtraining im Chor
Order no.: C5609