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1. Hammersteen, Peter (Arr.)
Amazing Grace (TTBB)
Order no.: HCCS5247
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2. Maierhofer, Lorenz (Arr.)
Burden Down, Lord (TTBB)
Order no.: HCCS5773
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3. Maierhofer, Lorenz
I Lift My Eyes (TTBB)
Order no.: HCCS5805
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4. Maierhofer, Lorenz
I Sing Holy
Du bist heilig (TTBB)

Order no.: HCCS6089
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5. Trad. / Maierhofer, L.
I've got Peace like a River (TTBB)
Order no.: HCCS6381
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6. Maierhofer, Lorenz
I’ve Got a Feeling (TTBB)
Order no.: HCCS5723
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7. Maierhofer, Lorenz (Arr.)
Let My Light Shine Bright (TTBB)
Order no.: HCCS5715
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8. Maierhofer, Lorenz (Arr.)
This Little Light of Mine
Seht, wie das kleine Licht (TTBB)

Order no.: HCCS5981
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9. Maierhofer, Lorenz
Waiting for the Lord
Wartend auf den Herrn (TTBB)

Order no.: HCCS5983
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9 Artikel


Handl (Gallus), Jacobus:
Jerusalem gaude (SSATTB)
Order no.: C5933


Guglhör, Gerd:
Stimmtraining im Chor
Order no.: C5609