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1. Herzog, Franz M.
In monte Oliveti(SSAATTBB)
Order no.: C7479
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2. Herzog, Franz M.
Agnus Dei (SATB divisi)
from Missa Lux caelestis

Order no.: C6430
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3. Raphael, EL
Asi Sea
Die Antwort des Meeres - El mar del amén (SSAATTBB)

Order no.: C6222
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4. Feller, Harald
Ave Maria (SATB divisi)
Nr. 1 aus 4 Weihnachtsmotetten

Order no.: C6122
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5. Frieberger, Rupert Gottfried
Ave Maria (SATB)
Order no.: C6221
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6. Völlinger, Martin
Ave Maria (aus The Latin Jazz Mass) SATB divisi
Order no.: C6798
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7. Herzog, Franz M.
Ave Maris Stella (SATB)
Order no.: C6219
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8. Frieberger, Rupert Gottfried
Ave verum corpus (SATB)
Order no.: C7912
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9. Godziemba-Trytek, Szymon
Beati misericordes (SATB divisi)
Order no.: C7006
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10. new
Schanderl, Hans
Cantate Domino (SSAATTBB)
Order no.: C8121
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Handl (Gallus), Jacobus:
Jerusalem gaude (SSATTB)
Order no.: C5933


Guglhör, Gerd:
Stimmtraining im Chor
Order no.: C5609