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1. Trad. Spiritual; Seiler, Martin (Arr.)
Go, Tell It on the Mountain (SSATB)
Order no.: C8104
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2. Pierpont, James Lord; Hofmann, Bernhard (Arr.)
Jingle Bells (SATB)
Order no.: C7543
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3. Händel, Georg Friedrich; Seiler, Martin (Arr.)
Joy to the World (SATB)
Order no.: C8105
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4. Simon Kubisch
Little Christmas Request (SAATB)
Order no.: C7237
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5. Gerlitz, Carsten
Magic Is the Christmas Day (SATB)
Order no.: C7239
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6. Augsburg 1666; Seiler, Martin (Arr.)
O Heiland, reiß die Himmel auf / Oh Saviour Ope‘ the Heav’nly Gates (SMATB)
Order no.: C8068
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7. Trad. England; Seiler, Martin (Arr.)
The First Noel (SSAATTBB)
Order no.: C8103
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8. Tedjasukmana, Indra
This Is Christmas Time (SATTB)
Order no.: C7236
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9. Trad. Irland; Seiler, Martin (Arr.)
Wexford Carol (SSATB)
Order no.: C8102
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Handl (Gallus), Jacobus:
Jerusalem gaude (SSATTB)
Order no.: C5933


Guglhör, Gerd:
Stimmtraining im Chor
Order no.: C5609