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1. Morley, Thomas
Fyer! Fyer! (SSATB)
Order no.: C6956
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2. Lechner, Leonhard
Gott b'hüte dich, desgleichen mich (SATB)
Order no.: C6717
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3. Lasso, Orlando di
La nuict froide et sombre (SATB)
Order no.: C7030
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4. Marenzio, Luca
Scaldava il sol (SSATB)
Order no.: C6716
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5. Lotti, Antonio
Spirto di Dio (SATB)
Geist des Allmächt'gen / Here On The Waters

Order no.: C6804
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6. Gibbons, Orlando
The Silver Swan (SAATB)
Order no.: C6719
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7. Lasso, Orlando di
Tutto lo di (SATB)
Order no.: C5935
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8. Gastoldi, Giovanni
Vezzosette Ninfe (SSATB)
Order no.: C5934
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Handl (Gallus), Jacobus:
Jerusalem gaude (SSATTB)
Order no.: C5933


Guglhör, Gerd:
Stimmtraining im Chor
Order no.: C5609