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Crystals of Memories (CD)

Neue Musik für Kammerorchester / New compositions for chamber orchestra

Author(s): Bert Breit, Kurt Estermann, Arturo Fuentes, Werner Pirchner
ISBN: 9783990354315
Order no.: I7835CD
€ 20.50 (incl. VAT, excl. postage & packaging)
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The Tyrolean chamber orchestra InnStrumenti presents four works that were commissioned for performance in a sacred setting: In memory of Werner Pircher and Bert Breit their works Choräle (Chorals) and Meditationen (Meditations) form a framework, which find their common focus in the theme of “Farewell and Remembrance”. The third piece by Arturo Fuentes is titled Gedächtniskristalle (Memory Crystals) and has been set to a text by Jorge Luis Borges. The last composition digressio : memoria by Kurt Estermann (*1960) is based on psalm texts and creates fascinating sound spectrums.


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