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Fluid Boundaries (CD)

Neue Kompositionen für Kammerorchester / New compositions for chamber orchestra

Author(s): Bertold Hummel, Laurence Traiger, Christoph Wünsch
ISBN: 9783990355534
Order no.: I8008CD
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The title Fluid Boundaries characterizes the works brought together on this CD as well as the latest development of the Tyrolean chamber orchestra InnStrumenti: Despite deliberate strong links with the Tyrolean cultural area, geographical and musical-stylistic boundaries become increasingly blurred. The musicians and composers as well as the soloists are from all parts of Tirol and also from all over Austria, Italy, and Germany. This is taken into account in particular on this CD, whereby the memory of the renowned German composer Bertold Hummel (1925–2002) provides the starting point. The Bayerische Rundfunk (BR) provided the live recording of Hummel’s Partita for Chamber Orchestra op. 79. Thus the piece is made available for the first time on CD.

In addition, two new works for orchestra are presented on this CD which refer directly to Hummel and “fluidly” broaden the stylistic range: In commemoration of the famous composer and former president of the University of Music in Würzburg, Germany, the richly colored Concerto for Saxophone and Chamber Orchestra was composed by the current vice president Christoph Wünsch. He has dedicated this concerto — that since its premiere has been successfully performed on numerous occasions — to the internationally renowned saxophonist Lutz Koppetsch, who executes the difficult solo part in all its nuances in a spectacular manner. Laurence Traiger, who lives in Munich and works as a lecturer at the Mozarteum in Innsbruck, also includes his memories of Hummel and establishes a connection on the meta level between Germany and Tirol in that he reflects on that very theme in his piece Fließende Grenzen — Fluid Boundaries.

A bilingual booklet with 24 pages contains detailed information about the composers and the individual compositions.


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