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Hip: Letís Move (DVD)

An Introduction to Pop Dancing in and out of School

Author(s): Doris Groeblacher
ISBN: 9783850613033
Order no.: S5549DVD

Language(s): German/English

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In the teacherís video, Doris Groeblacher and her dance group demonstrate both important basic steps in pop dancing and fully developed dance arrangements. Every movement is precisely described and displayed in detail from all sides, and the DVD allows every sequence to be accessed directly. In this way, even beginners and others lacking in experience can learn the typical elements involved in the movements and how to design their own choreographies.

Each unit contains warm-ups, individual moves presented in a modular structure, and finally a complete pop dance.

The detailed booklet contains the necessary theoretical principles and a compilation of all of the modules for the individual moves together with step-by-step instructions for designing your own pop dance choreographies.

Excerpt from the Contents:

  • Unit 1: First Steps
    Motivating pupils to express themselves with movements, first sitting down and then on their feet; warm-ups for movement making use of the space available; simple pop dance: Listen to the Beat
  • Unit 2: Introduction to Hip-Hop Dancing
    Warm-up with exercises for typical hip-hop movements; new moves for Hey Hey Letís Dance are explained and demonstrated slowly and in detail
  • Unit 3: Hip-Hop Dancing with New Sequences
    Warm-ups involving head-to-toe stretching exercises; new hip-hop moves for Dreams Come True
  • Unit 4: Pop Dancing with a Latin Flavor
    Warm-up with Latin movements from the shoulders to the hips; individual moves and the choreography for the Latin piece Latin Electric
  • Unit 5: Your Own Choreographies
    A compilation of movement sequences as modules for the development of your own pop dance choreographies

Demo video

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HIP: Let's Move


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Handl (Gallus), Jacobus:
Jerusalem gaude (SSATTB)
Order no.: C5933